Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping in India

We all have at some point in our life seen the world upside down and we have surely enjoyed it the most as kid. As an adult whenever we try to book our holidays, we often get entangled in elegance and sophistication involved with what an adult ought to do. Would you like to keep this sophistication aside and invoke the Tarzan within you? This post is only for those who are always seeking adventure activities rather than a lazy vacation on some busy beach.

Bungee Jumping or Bungy Jumping is an activity which takes you to the brim of fear and thrill. You will be suspended in air from a high point, straddled to a harness and elastic cord. This may sound simple but when you look closely into the whole process, it is sheer insanity. Who would deliberately want to kick out of an iron panel placed several kilometers above any landing ground? Well that is the whole point of it.  The master keeps asking you a dozen times “ Are you ready? Are you ready” and you keep answering again and again “ no, not now!”. But then you see other bungees waiting for action and that social etiquette  infects you. You have no choice but to utilize those thousands of rupees you have spent and that promise you made to yourself for a perfect picture. Then you give in “ Ok we’ll see… amm may be just in a min” The master doesn’t wait for another minute, he instructs you to not close your eyes, to not do this, that, and …. Damn it! Within seconds you are in the mid air battling with the biggest fears of your life.

If you are ready for this free fall, you can check into any of these locations – Delhi, Rishikesh, Lonavala, Bangalore, Goa and Jagdalpur. Among all these places, Rishikesh and Lonavala have been frequently visited, former being a natural spot, latter being an artificially constructed hub.

Bungee Jumping

In Rishikesh, Jumping Heights in Mohan Chatti is the jewel in the crown. The whole thing is managed by an ex-army officer who has appointed jump guides from New Zealand. It’s at the height of 83 meters, making it the highest bungee jumping point in India. It’s not really necessary to actually swing down the elastic yourself. You can simply visit the place and watch others screeching as they go down. There are nominal charges for visitors who are not sportee.   With bungy jumping, other sister activities also come in limelight. They are flying fox and giant swing. Thankfully these activities are available in India for about a decade, else, we would have to go to South Africa or New Zealand for a little fun. Although a jump by crane is available in Delhi as well, but the experience of staring into a river’s splashes as in Rishikesh is entirely different. There’s only vegetation and running water beneath.

Bungee Jumping

If we speak of Lonavala, that is somewhat different, in a different location. Lonavala is a small hill station near Pune where these activities are organised by Della Adventures. Here instead of dropping down from a hilly cliff, the 105ft suspension is made from a crane. Additionally, it has more of theme park kind of a feeling rather than being a single sport spot somewhere in solace.

To conclude, one must at least visit the Rishikesh, Mohan Chatti Jumping Heights. And if you are looking for an option nearby your bustling cities of Mumbai or Pune, you may go for Della Adventure Park in Lonavala.  Else contact Mountainbytes to arrange your free fall.

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