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Pasighat hanging bridge

Arunachal Pradesh – The unexplored India

The eastern most state of India, Arunachal Pradesh is India’s ‘Land of rising sun’.  Dong, a district of Arunachal Pradesh saw crowd of visitors to view the dazzling sunrise behind the lofty Himalaya ever since it was discovered that the place receives the very first rays of the sun in India.  The gleaming sun rays

at Himalayan National Park

Great Himalayan National Park

The Himalayan mountain range in the Asian continent has been standing tall ever since the emergence of land.  The awe-inspiring towering Himalayas do not have any competitors as it has remained the highest mountain range to exist on the planet earth accommodating world’s highest peak Mount Everest.  It separates the plains of the Tibetan Plateau

Snow leopard in Ladakh – A guide to India’s most elusive wildlife experience at the Hemis National Park Reference

The snow leopard is a medium-sized cat with a magnificent build of about 60 cm in height and 90 – 130 cm. in length.   The female snow leopard weighs 35 -40 kg and the male snow leopard weighs 45 – 55 kg.  The powerful physical structure of their hind legs has profound ability to leap

Up and close with nature at lesser known Wildlife Sanctuaries in the Himalayas

Up and close with nature at lesser known Wildlife Sanctuaries in the Himalayas

Shilli Wildlife Sanctuary The eerie silence of the place will make your feel nostalgic and will transform you to some other world. This is Shilli wildlife sanctuary, a heaven for fauna lovers who can come close up front with some rare animals which are hard to find otherwise. Located in vicinity of Solan town, the