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Himalayan Ranges

Trans Himalayan Ranges of India

The Himalayan Ranges is the highest mountain ranges of the world which extend approximately 1,500 miles (2,400 km) along the border between India and Tibet with fifty odd mountains exceeding over 7,200 meters high.   The Himalayan range owns many of the Earth’s highest peaks making Mount Everest the loftiest mountain peak of them all at

Hindu Cremation at Pashupati Temple Kathmandu

In my childhood days we used to go to Pashupati temple in Kathmandu, every Saturday. This huge temple complex, built in 5th century, is the most religious centre for Hindus in Nepal. ‘Baghmati’ means ‘comming from tiger’s mouth’. On the banks of Baghamati, near Kathmandu, is Pashupatinath Temple and beside the temple is a place