Female Trekkers are Better than Males

As I can recall for now, once I was flying from Nepal (where my father worked and lived). The flight was delayed due to winter fog and all passengers had to wait in the waiting lounge at Tribhuvan Airport.  The delay was not of minutes but of hours, about six hours. Nepal is very popular among western tourists. So, a white woman was sitting and rocking her infant just next to me. She had to breastfeed the baby and our mutually understood her need for little help. I was hardly 20 years old back then. Soon we entered into a conversation and I got to know that she had come all the way from St. Petersburg to Nepal. She was running a business of silver jewellery in Russia for which she had to go to Goa. My blog is dedicated to all those millions of women who scale the world without loathing about their gender, physical, emotional, financial and social condition. So how we are, pink collared people, better travellers than males?

Better Management

The first advantage that female travellers get is their cautious and well planned approach. Imagine my Russian friend, who had embraced her little one in a sling, carried her pack on her back and hung a pouch and a belt purse for money and passport. She was feeding, changing diapers, rocking, eating, etc., all while she was on the go. I was not doing that much, but yes I was also travelling in somewhat similar style and so were other women. Women think and plan futuristically. (That is why you will find so many toiletries in our bags.) The planning helps not only while travelling, but also while hiking. We try to keep our pace steady, divide our time between camps and also keep an hourly record of our nutritional and water intake. When we set up our camps, our primitive housekeeping skills come in handy. Don’t be mistaken by this work-kind-of- leisure.  It is not drudgery, it is real fun. As compared to my male counterparts, I have always kept some extra supplies, kept things light and given a thought to every minute detail that I will be requiring in the middle of the forest.

Satiating souls with whatever we get

Unlike in strictures of society, there is no one in the wild to correct us. We can scream, shout, yell, jump and adjust our bra straps, whenever we want to. We complain very little of the limitations of scenery before us, rather we enjoy our liberty.  It is not only about the tangible beauty that matters to us, rather the spiritual freedom we get when we are away from ladylike expectations. So, we benefit the most from whatever least we get. In fact, some of my women friends are motivated to bear atmospheric pressure at 10000ft altitude only to escape everyday womanly pressure they bear.

Physical abilities

Our set of XX chromosomes have limited us in muscular strength that our gender counterparts boast about. If you look closely, you will see that our tender bodies are only for good. When it comes to ascent of descent, stiffness is the key inflictor. Our supple flexible bodies are able to twist and turn wherever needed and we also get very little shock while thumping our feet. Though we are not good sprinter in mountains, but when it comes to the marathon of mounting, we prove to be better. Our physical functions are meant for longer endurance.

Less or No Alcohol

I have seen many men, walking all the way just so that they can get drunk close to stars. But how many women have you ever known who are taking that strenuous trail only to consume alcohol? This is a matter of intelligence. Women consume alcohol in a very controlled manner. I agree that we take too many selfies, but selfies don’t drain our bodies as smoking and alcohol does. We relish the small can of beer we have and go sleep on time. Being a teetotaller in travelling is beneficial in preserving body hydration and flow of oxygen in blood. Hence, we lose little as we gain more height.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is a key to healthy and happy travelling. In one of my trip to Himalayas, I used to rinse my clothes in the stream and let it dry beside fire. I did this every day after changing and male fellows frowned at this every time.  But if you see, I did this to reduce the weight of luggage and managed very well in the several days trip in just two pairs of inner clothing. This also controlled my sweaty stench.  If you have noticed, mothers are even better in keeping their babies clean and healthy in the most challenging locations on earth.  With the female gender, cleanliness in not a choice, it is an instinct.

More than thirty million single women travel every year.  What more is needed to say!

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