Horse Riding at Dalhousie

Dalhousie, a hill station located in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh has always been a favorite haunt of visitors who admire nature in its raw form. This hill station was established in the year 1854 by Lord Dalhousie who was a Governor General in the British Government.

Dalhousie is build over five different hills and is located on an altitude variation of 6000 to 9000 feet above the mean sea level. This makes it a perfect option for those who love horse riding as you can traverse the undulating hillocks of this pristine town on a horseback.

April to November is considered an ideal time for horse riding in Dalhousie as the weather is pleasant during these months in this hill station. For a moderate fee of Rs 350/- only, you can enjoy horse riding in Dalhousie, a memory which you will cherish forever.

Embarking points- If you wish to enjoy horse riding in Dalhousie, the starting point would be Subash Chowk and you can take a round trip of the town to alight from the horse back at GPO in Dalhousie.

Safety measures to take while horse riding in Dalhousie

Horse riding is an extremely safe option if you adhere to the safety requirements. While you are embarking on the horse riding mission, take care to ensure that your kids are in safe company. If your kids are also enjoying horse riding, ensure that you walk alongside the kids so that they feel safe. Never take the risk of leaving your child in the company of caretaker as children get scared while horse riding, if not accompanied by parents.

If possible, arrange for an approved riding helmet. This will prevent any serious injury to your head, in case some accident occurs. If you are riding in a group, you should keep one horse length between both the horses. This will prevent any accident, in case the horses decide to kick each other. In case, the horse becomes violent for any reason, you should dismount from the horse and walk alongside.

The boots you wear should be sturdy and should have a minimum of 1 inch of heel.

You should also try to take isolated paths when horse riding. Horses get distracted by traffic and can react violently. Luckily, Dalhousie is not a very crowded place and you can enjoy the cool ambiance even on a horse back on a packed day.

Still reading and thinking! Pack your bags and head to Dalhousie to experience the ride of a lifetime.

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