Bhureshwar Mahadev

Invoking the blessings of Lord Shiva at Bhureshwar Mahadev

The mist cleared up slowly and so did my doubts on how high I had reached. This was Bhureshwar Mahadev, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh. We had started from Solan early morning and reached Naina tikkar, a small village 15 km from Solan town. Though connectivity to temple has been ensured from Panva, a small hamlet short of Naina tikkar, we decided to trek the 2 Km distance.

The trek was smooth and the ambient cover of pine trees accompanied us through the duration of the trek. We stopped only briefly to have some tea which we had carried all the way from Naina tikkar. It was refreshing indeed and the climb became a child’s play, once we had gulped the hot tea.

Spiritual seekers point to the fact that Bhureshwar Mahadev was the place from where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati watched the historic Mahabharata war.

There were only few devotees at the temple and the tingling bells made me feel as if I was in a spiritual land. The temple located on a rock cliff is indeed a worth visit and offers a glimpse of the surrounding valleys.

There is a rock cliff on the backside of the temple where entry is prohibited during most part of the year. Only during the local fair does the temple priest perform a dance on this rock invoking the holy Gods.

Strange are the ways of God and he intends to keep an eye on us from high grounds. The divine essence of spiritualism is redefined at Bhureshwar Mahadev. Come here and seek the divine blessings from the lord himself.

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