On cycle, from Himachal, with Love

Traveling is not just about exploring the world, rather it’s about scanning the world dissimilar. And if adventure fills you with elation than scanning a destination on cycle is definitely wondrous.

Cycling and mountains have a unique bonding and when it comes to mountains in India, Himachal Pradesh can’t be disdained. I am an avid biker and being in love with cycle trips I never miss any chance of cycling in Himachal Pradesh, and after every trip I find Himachal too good as a cycling destination.

Himachal is blessed by nature and there are so many amazing routes where one may experience a whole new world on cycle. Along with the natural beauty of hills and mountains, post every few kilometers one may witness drastic cultural diversity right from the language to core rituals, and cycling is of course the best way which allows you to dive deep and explore the fragrance of soil in the most exotic manner. This is what cycle travel is all about, it’s not just catering the adrenaline junkie within, rather to explore until you fell in love with the place.

Himachal Pradesh has a strong mark on cycle tourism map of India as it offers plenty of amazing routes to cycle travel maniacs and undoubtedly has all the potential to emerge as an international cycle tourism destination. From past one decade state is doing well and attracting a ton riders across the globe. If one really wants to see the real Himachal than see the Himachal from Bicycle.

Hero Action Team ready for Trails and Dust – Manali

For a short adventure cycle trip, one may select Manali where many renting options are available. Explore this majestic destination on cycle is always amazing. Besides trek and cycle downhill to Naggar, a small village near Kullu is also fascinating.

Cycling in Chail

Cycling in and around Chail has also emerged over the years and one may opt Chail tour also. This amazing hill station with mesmerizing flora and fauna just looks spellbind from the bicycle.

Kufri, Kullu and Kasauli are other suitable and explored most cycling destinations.

Cycling in river – Solan

Cycling tour to Kangra Valley, trip to Bir and Kangra Valley, hiking and cycling trip to Parvati Valley, Malana circular trek are other amazing routes that ensures that travelers every pedal turns in an experience.

Spiti Near Khab Bridge


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