The eerie Mystique of Darjeeling

The eerie mystique of Darjeeling is something which attracts an avid traveler to these hills. Located in the state of West Bengal, Darjeeling is a hill town which has a unique British charm to it. As a traveler and admirer of nature, you will have ample opportunity to explore the Himalayas from close quarters, if you have the inclination of doing so.

Places to see and things to Explore

Tiger Hill

The best sunrise of your life could be from a view of the mighty Kanchenjunga which beacons you from all corners when you enter Darjeeling. Tiger hill offers a perfect glimpse of the rising sun and perhaps it would be the best sunrise ever you would witness.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railways

A joy ride on the historic Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is something which you should not miss; else the trip to this hill town would be fruitless. The train goes through numerous turns and twists and takes you through the narrow alleys of this hill town as well as the different hill bends which begin just at the base of New Jalpaigudi, the boarding place of this historic hill rail.

Batasia Loop

Even if you are not in a position to travel through the entire rail route, take a small journey to Batasia loop where the train takes a unique 360 degree turn. The drop in altitude is also around 1000 feet.

Japanese Peace Pagoda

The glittering white peace pagoda is a unique manifestation of art and aesthetics. The structure which was built under the supervision of Japanese monk Nichidatsu offers peace and tranquility to those seeking solace from troubles.

Observatory Hill

The Mall Road which is unique to every hill town is equally aesthetic in Darjeeling. Located atop the Mall is the Observatory Hill which is home to famous Mahakal temple and is equally popular with Hindus and Buddhists.

Local Cuisine of Darjeeling

As much as Darjeeling is popular for its food, it is equally popular for its cuisine. You can get a variety of cuisine here ranging from Tibetan to Bengali and Continental as well as Chinese and Indian. Momos, Thupka, Aloo Dum, Nepali thali and Tongba are some of the popular delicacies here which you should try.

Being a tourist town, there is no dearth of hotels and guest houses in Darjeeling and you can choose from a range of budget to luxury options as per your imminent requirement.

Not to forget, Darjeeling is equally popular for its famed tea which you should try without fail.

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