The frozen mystique of Chandernahan!

The snow covered peaks of Chandernahan create an aura of rawness which will surely leave you bewildered.  This is what I felt when I arrived at Janglikh, a sleepy hamlet in the upper Himalayas in District Shimla of Himachal Pradesh. Janglikh can also be considered as the starting point of trek to the mighty Chandernahan, the heights of which I had aspired to conquer, this time around.

The journey itself was a challenge as the bike ride to Janglikh was full of twists and turns. The road being muddy, the ride was tough and I had to wade my way slowly with the fear of skidding through the road always raw on my mind.

After a night halt at Janglikh, I was raring to being my ascent to Chandernahan as the day was sunny, a perfect bet for an exhilarating hike. Since I was travelling with a group, we carried all the amenities including the camping gear, which is essential as you need to rest for the night on the way.

Our destination for the day was Dayara Thach, a meadow covered with grassy land ascents. The moderate trek takes 4-5 hours and passes through beautiful oak and rhododendron forests.

The night sky was a pleasure worth exploring with stars almost falling off the sky as if invoking the mighty Gods. A hefty breakfast, the other morning and we were off to Litham Thach, another 4-5 hours moderate climb which brings one at the foreground of Chandernahan.

Once at Chandernahan, we decided to explore the vicinity and decided to trek further to Seven Glacial Ponds. It was there that I got to know that these glacial ponds were in fact the source of Pabbar River.

The afternoon sun was shining bright and the resonance of sun rays was sharp enough that it created a halo big enough to encompass the sun itself.

The wind was blowing rough and so we decided to head back to Litham Thach campsite. The evening was an apt time for bonfire and we shared memories of the trek before finally calling for the day.

The decent further to Simir Thach was apt and quick since we had to reach Janglikh by the evening. A cozy evening in the comfort of our tents in Janglikh took away the tiredness of the trek and we headed back to Shimla to catch up with life with the promise of returning soon some day!

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  • Jatin Kumar
    May 31, 2017 at 8:36 am

    This blog is so exciting by just going through the words, I can feel the excitement of climbing the mountain. I can imagine what it could have been traveling in that snowy valley. Missed it this time, but would love to join this event every year.

    • mountainbytes
      May 7, 2018 at 12:27 pm

      Jatin you have done Sarpass in Pin Parvati Valley – Kasol with Mountainbytes. So how was your overall experience