Things to Know before visiting Malana Village

Isolated from the world, Malana a small village is located in North East direction of Kullu Valley in Parvati valley at an altitude of 9500 feet.  Malana is also known as village of taboos since it has its unique culture and practices which are not found anywhere. The reason behind this uniqueness lies in it being the oldest democracy of the world. It is believed that people in Malana are descendents of Alexander and this reflects in their body features and unique habits too.

Malana is also known as land of Jamlu Rishi who is the presiding deity here and all decisions are taken by his consent. The region is also infamous for its charas trade and people prefer to remain secluded from rest of the world.

Malana Village

It is therefore but natural that you should know certain things before you head to Malana to explore the hinterlands of this Himalayan village.

The people in Malana who are also known by the name of Malanis have maintained their culture, religious beliefs and customs for long. This is the precise reason for which they are not much welcoming towards outsiders. Remember the fact that people of Malana consider outsiders inferior and untouchable.

If you visit Malana, you are expected to stick to identified pathways only and are not allowed to touch walls, houses or the people of Malana themselves. If any of these things happen, it is considered a sin and you will have to pay a particular sum equal to the amount that covers sacrifice of a lamb. This is done so as to purify the people and the village itself.

Moreover, do not carry any gifts for the people there as residents of Malana cannot accept gifts from outsiders. This they can do only when they are away from their village. They may offer you food in their utensils but these have to be purified before being used again by Malanis people.

Even if you need to buy anything from a shop in Malana, the shopkeeper will ask you to leave the amount on the counter and will deliver the goods without touching you. Too much in the name of rituals, you would say!

Clicking pictures is allowed and the locals will pose lovingly for you but you cannot shoot a video in Malana and come out safe. So better not to take any risk and end up in a mess! The local language Kanashi is considered superior and even if you manage to learn few lines, you are not allowed to speak it.

Malanis are known to be nature lovers and you cannot fix a nail on a tree or burn wood inside the forest. If required, you can only carry dry twigs out of the forest. Do not get into any kind of legal hassle as intervention by Police is not allowed and if you wish to seek assistance from police, you can do so only after paying a fine of Rs 1000/- to the village council.

Judiciary behaves in an absurd manner in Malana. In case you get embroiled in any case, the villagers will make a deep cut in foreleg of two lambs, poison them and then sew it back. If the lamb which represents you dies first, you will be held guilty.

The people of Malana have otherwise accepted the presence of outsiders as many foreigners also come here. If you stick to the rulebook, the visit to Malana could be your best outdoor venture ever.

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